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Norman Malm

     Norman Gene Herman Malm was born 28 October 1928 to Reinhold and Marie Johnson Malm. Both of his great-grandfathers emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800's. 

     Norman was entirely self-taught. There was much talent in his family, as his great uncle G.N. Malm and daughter Alba were well known painters- but Norman did not study art or carving, it just came naturally. 

     Norman began painting in the early 50's. Upon his marriage to Rosemary Pearson in 1952, his father in law, Anton Pearson encouraged him to delve deeper into woodcarving. He gave Norman some pointers and the talented Norman took off on his own.  His carving style was uniquely his own. It has been said that Norman didn't begin carving or drawing until his relationship with Anton.  That is untrue. 

     Norman also was a prolific cartoonist with a wicked sense of humor and loved to take jabs at social and environmental injustices amongst other things.  Always in touch with his Swedish heritage, he could be found painting Swedish kurbits as well as painting and carving those mythical little helpers, the Tomtes.  Norman's son Jim carries on his dad's tradition of carving the crafty little Swedish guys, The Malm Tomtes.

     Norman passed away in 2011, leaving a legacy of woodcarvings, paintings and such a collection of cartoons that his friends and family will be smiling for years to come. He is greatly missed.

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