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Grace Lane Pearson's 1932 Diary

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                                                 Friday, January 1, 1932


Spent New Years day at home. Had some snow last night, so that it is looking very much like it did Thanksgiving as the ground is white. Had a beautiful Christmas day and nearly two weeks of almost summer weather in which I planted nearly four hundred tulips. Also Received catalog from Allner? Bros today.


Saturday, January 2, 1932


Today have been spending the day in cleaning, as usual. Still somewhat unsettled weather.


Sunday, January 3, 1932


Did not go to see the folks today but spent it at home reading mostly. It is a somewhat stormy day and snowing turning to rain.


Monday, January 4, 1932


I had intended to wash today but it looks so much like a blizzard, I guess I’ll wait and see what it turns out to be. I have such a large washing I would like to hang it out on the line instead of basement. We are having more snow.


Tuesday, January 5, 1932


Well, it doesn’t look much better today, still bad weather but I’ll wash and hang it in the basement. Part of it tonight and the rest of it tomorrow as it will soon dry there. Perhaps it will be nice enough so I can hang some out of doors.


Wednesday, January 6, 1932


Somewhat nicer today but still a lot of snow and mud. Hung some of my clothes out on the line and they got almost dry, the ones in the basement are dry, so guess I’ll iron tomorrow.


Thursday, January 7, 1932


Well Anton went to Salina, so I went along and bought me a new hat of velvet, brown and peach. Anton says it is very becoming to me. I also bought nine tumblers and nine sherbets of Frostonia in topaz color. The roads are bad and there is still snow, it snowed some as we were coming home.


Friday, January 8, 1932


Must do my ironing today as I did not get it done yesterday being that I went to Salina. Weather is still bad, looks like we can not go up home Sunday on account of the roads.


Saturday, January 9, 1932


Cleaned again today as usual in the morning. In the afternoon read some. Tonight we went to the show to see The Champ “Jackie Cooper and Wallace Beery” was real good. It is rather cold tonight though, doesn’t thaw much.


Sunday, January 10, 1932


We are at home again today reading and just resting. Had intended on going home but were afraid to risk it as the roads are very muddy and still much snow, so will wait another week.


Monday, January 11, 1932


Today Anton started to paint again, he has painted one picture and it is good “Cathedral Spires”. I have been sewing some. The weather has somewhat moderated this week tho it is cloudy so much of the time and cold nights.


Tuesday, January 12, 1932


I started to set my flower garden quilt together today. It took most of the afternoon to place out where I wanted each block to go but I have two rows sewed together now.

It has been beautiful today tho lots of mud as the sun shone most of the day. Something rare these days.


Wednesday, January 13, 1932


Today it isn’t quite so nice there is a blizzard reported, so I took the cannas out of the garage and moved them to the basement as they have chilled somewhat out there. I have five roses on my quilt now. Anton painted another picture today. He is doing real well.


Thursday, January 14, 1932


Today isn’t so very nice. Cold but the blizzard which was reported coming this way did not materialize of which I’m thankful. Perhaps we will get some of it yet, but it doesn’t seem so at present.



Friday, January 15, 1932


Last night was very cold down about to twenty. Very few other nights colder. Today it is getting somewhat warmer with clouds. Good indications of rain or snow. Soon, will go up home Sunday if it is nice.


Saturday, January 16, 1932


Today is rather a dreary day with rain and sleet. Rain freezing in a sheet of ice as it falls. Walking and traffic rather dangerous. Does not look like we will go home tomorrow so I guess we will give it up for the present.


Sunday, January 17, 1932


Well, the sun is shining beautifully this morning and it is warming up and getting very muddy, so it is a good thing we didn’t go up home. We stayed at home all day. I took a look at my cold frame this PM.


Monday, January 18, 1932


Today has been a beautiful day, the finest for some time. Anton went to Salina and I went along and did some shopping. This eve we went up to the auditorium to hear Jessie Rae Taylor, Impersonator.


Tuesday, January 18, 1932


Isn’t so nice today as it was yesterday but not so very cold either. I was going to wash and then I decided the water wasn’t very good, so will have to wait til it gets soft and do it then.


Wednesday, January 19, 1932


Not a very nice day. Think it is going to get cold again. Been working on my flower garden quilt and hope to get it together before long.


Thursday, January 21, 1932


Washed some this AM and hung them in the basement. Weather not very nice these days. Worked on my quilt this afternoon, goes kind of slow as it is hard to place them for best effect.


Friday, January 22, 1932


Weather getting somewhat better. Did my ironing this morning and have been working on my quilt as usual. Wonder if we can go home Sunday. Hope so.


Saturday, January 23, 1932


Nice day today tho rather a cold wind, looks as if we could go home tomorrow, as the roads are much better too now then they were. I have been cleaning and working on my quilt today. Anton went to matinee.


Sunday, January 24, 1932


Well it is cold but we went home. The sun shone most of the day and the roads were fairly good tho we had to come home by way of Salina. The folks were well, Dot is at Hoods. This is our first trip home since Christmas.


Monday, January 25, 1932


Today has been cold but not bad. Sun has been shining some. I cut out some blocks for Dot for her flower garden quilt and then went out and put some leaves on the daisy bed. Things look fine in the garden.


Tuesday, January 26, 1932


About five inches of snow on the ground this morning but warmed up somewhat and some of it soon left. However there is much of it left. I have been working on my flower garden quilt. Hope to get it together soon. Anton went to Salina but I decided not to go along this time. Rather cold early.


Wednesday, January 27, 1932


Last night was next to coldest night we have had, was down to 13. Has been rather cold all day, but has thawed some. I have been working on my quilt again but it doesn’t go so fast it seems.


Thursday, January 28, 1932


Getting colder, was down to nine this a.m. and within one degree of the coldest we have had thought skies were clear.  A little sun and much still on the ground.


Friday, January 29, 1932


Down to eight last night so it is getting colder.  Think it will be zero before long.  Cold north wind today.


Saturday, January 30, 1932


Was two below last night or rather this a.m. so has been very cold tho sun has been shining most of the day. Cold wind also.

Sunday, January 31, 1932


Not quite so cold as yesterday tho below freezing Cloudy day and cold northeast wind.

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                                     Monday, February 1, 1932


Today is somewhat warmer though clouds are hanging on. Think it will snow or rain soon. I washed this p.m. and hung my clothes in the basement to dry. Not very good drying weather outside these days.


Tuesday, February 2, 1932


Very cloudy this morning early but skies soon cleared so I guess Mr. Groundhog will see his shadow sometime today. I went out and took a look at my cold frame and the garden counted about forty goldfish in the pond.


Wednesday, February 3, 1932


Today was a somewhat nicer day. Planned to go over to Andersons in the eve but company came so we stayed at home. Anton had to go out the back door and run over and tell them why we were not coming as they were looking for us.


Thursday, February 4, 1932


Rather a nice day again today. Did not do much of anything. Went to Andersons in the eve stayed quite late just visiting. She has been putting ammonia on her plants, so I believe I’ll try it.


Friday, February 5, 1932


Had company today for dinner. Mr. Stockenberg, Mr. Erickson and Eugene. Anton had prepared herring and also bought limburger cheese so asked them if to partake of it. I made apple pie and they announced it all very good. Mrs. Erickson is in Ark.


Saturday, February 6, 1932


Have been doing the usual Saturday cleaning as I finished something went wrong with the cleaner so I’ll have to get it repaired before I can use it again. Went to the show this eve, was very good. We both liked it.



Sunday, February 7, 1932


Spent the day at home reading though it has been rather nice and mild for a wintry day. Thought of going out riding but did not. Plan on going home next Sunday if the weather is nice so we can.


Monday, February 8, 2019


Today has been rather a nice day and the days seem to be getting somewhat warmer. Perhaps spring is coming. Mrs. Anderson called me to come over to her quilting party on Wed p.m. There was an auxiliary this eve.


Tuesday, February 9, 1932


Today has been a beautiful day and Anton has been out working in the garden. I have planted out some tulips I had in the basement in dirt. Don’t know how they will do. Also reset the chrys. I bought in Nov as slips, they had been in sand.


Wednesday, February 10, 1932


Has been a very nice day and I thought of going out and planting some larkspur and poppyseed but I did not get it done as I went over to Mrs. Andersons to a quilting party. Went back after supper and helped some more.


Thursday, February 11, 1932


Today has been another nice day but I think it will get cold again soon. Anton has been working on the terrace in the garden and spading the rose bed. I went to Mrs. Ericksons this eve to help her finish her quilt. Anton came over after me.


Friday, February 12, 1932


It is not such nice weather as the first of the wk was but we are planning on going home Sunday. Mary wrote me that she was going also if it was nice so they could drive.


Saturday, February 13, 1932


Well I have spent the day in cleaning and in resting and reading in the afternoon. Had to give up our plans to go home as it began snowing about three o’clock and there are several inches of very wet snow.



 Sunday, February 14, 1932


Spent the day at home. Wrote to Mary and mama and got the twins presents ready for their birthday sachets, hope they like them. Also spent some time reading garden articles from the Ladies Home Journals. Cloudy day snow still on.


Monday, February 15, 1932


Very cloudy day and much fog this morning. Snow isn’t melting and the walks are somewhat icy. Washed and hung my clothes in the basement.


Tuesday, February 16, 1932


Rained some today and left the roads icy. Is kind of cold and sun has not shone so very much. Clothes are hanging in the basement tho most of them are dry. Have sprinkled the ones I shall iron. Haven’t done so much today.


Wednesday, February 17, 1932


Today is a sunshiny day tho it was rather cold last night, colder than usual. Did my ironing this forenoon. Had quite a few things to iron and spent the afternoon in mending and watching Anton start the lily pool. There was a cold wind but the got a lot of it dug.


Thursday, February 18, 1932


Today has been sunshiny but a cold wind blowing. I just recv’d my flower seed ordered from Haines Seed House latter part of last wk. Anton brought the cleaner home so I’ll clean the rug today. He has been working on the pool again and has decided to also make a river and rock garden. In fact he says he has it nearly completed.


Friday, February 19, 1932


Beautiful day and not so cold as yesterday, hope it continues to get warmer. Sent an order to Earl Mays today. Anton is working on the pool. Hauled in some big rocks for the margin. We had company this p.m. from Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. Tibbets have been here before but thot we had made a lot of improvements since last time two years ago.


Saturday, February 20, 1932


Not a very nice day cold and this afternoon and it has been raining. I did most of my Sat work yesterday so I have not had so much as usual to do. We will go home tomorrow if it is nice but don’t think it is going to be.



Sunday, February 21, 1932


Well we did not get to go home after all as it had rained so much and was so cloudy when we woke up that we thot we shouldn’t try to go. Had company for coffee this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Erickson and Esther. The rest of the day we have spent in reading.


Monday, February 22, 1932


Holiday today but Anton has been out working on the new lily pool. Made the rustic bridge and leveled the soil on the island. I recv’d my flower seeds from Parks and planted chrys seed from Haines and indicum chrys seed from Parks also snapdragon seeds. Have been out in the garden and discovered tulips coming up along walk in east rose bed. Ones I brought from home. It is beautiful weather now but this a.m. there was a cold wind.


Tuesday, February 23, 1932


Today has been still more beautiful than yesterday. But every night has been quite cold and a white frost with cold mornings and some wind. I haven’t been doing so much today. Did some cleaning this a.m. Anton has raked the leaves off the clover.


Wednesday, February 24, 1932


Today has been a very beautiful day and perhaps spring will soon be here. We hope, as we have so much to do in the garden. Today we set out our small evergreen trees. The ones we got in Colo, while on our honeymoon, do hope they live. Also cleaned the basement and sorted over the cannas.


Thursday, February 25, 1932


Weather is still fine and we have had a very beautiful day. This afternoon I have been working in the garden, taking the old rose leaves out and am going to burn them. Also have been working over some of the beds and saw a lot of grasshoppers and bugs of various kinds.


Friday, February 26, 1932


Another beautiful day. Every day is just like summer now. Wonder how long it will last. Have not been so busy today, tho I did some of my Sat cleaning. Had some company this p.m. Ericksons came and brought some of their company over to see the garden and other things.


Saturday, February 27, 1932


Today I have been cleaning as usual for Sat. Also washed my light silk dress and looked over my spring coat. Planning on going home tomorrow, weather surely is beautiful now. Going to the show this evening. Mary said in her letter she would go out home tomorrow too.

Sunday, February 28, 1932


Today has been a most beautiful day and we went home. Mary and Warren were there and he boys. Bobby is sweet and growing like a weed.  We got some hollyhocks and brought them home to plant along the wall. Everyone was well and mama is getting over her fall.


Monday, February 29, 1932


Today hasn’t been so sunshiny but is not so very cold either. I have worked in the garden most of the day. Anton has also, he is using the rocks we got yesterday for a flower bed. I planted some poppyseed. It loos like it might rain. Hope so.

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