Here's the story.... No really, here is the story: Anton's son in law, Norman Malm, saw these two stained catalpa independent carvings in the studio sometime after Anton's death. Norman built the walnut base, put a peg in one foot of each of the carvings, positioned them on the base and had a title engraved, "Have you heard about Ole and Lena?" You have to admit, these guys look like they were carved just to share the joke.  There is no Anton signature on the base. There IS an Anton signature on the feet of the man on the right. He lifts right out of his spot. The man on the left does NOT lift out easily and we aren't going to force him out.  It is very likely he is signed as well since these started out as two independent carvings. Of course, placing the peg in one foot does obsure the signature on that foot. Each carving is about 10 1/2 inches tall.  The walnut base is 9 inches across.

Have You Heard About Ole and Lena?

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