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Anton Pearson Carving headed to Lund, Sweden

I was elated to receive an email from Lindsborg native Bruce Karstadt of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis earlier in the week. Bruce is headed to Lund, Sweden on the 19th of May. He is to receive an honorary doctorate from Lund University. Bruce will be giving a lecture there which will touch on growing up in Lindsborg and Anton Pearson will be mentioned. I was happy to help Bruce with some photos of Anton and his carvings for his presentation. Bruce asked if he could purchase an Anton carving from us to present to the university's chair of the Board as a gift. Jim and I are excited to send the carving as our gift. It seems so fitting that a carving that Anton crafted will be a gift in Lund, Anton's hometown. Family history says that Anton attended the University of Lund for a time. Jim rounded up three carvings for Bruce to choose from. He decided upon the taller redwood carving on the left. It will be sent to Bruce tomorrow and then headed toward Sweden in a couple of weeks! We are so happy and grateful that Bruce allowed us to be a part of this. Jim says that Anton would be so proud that he will be part of the lecture and that his carving will be admired there.

Anton Pearson Carvings
Anton Pearson carvings

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